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Ищете место отдыха в Крыму? Добро пожаловать в гостевой дом Сефа в Береговом Уютные номера в гостевом домен Сефа, Береговое, Феодосия, Крым

Расчет стоимости номера

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Гостевой дом Сефа / Service and Facilities

Service and Facilities

Due to comfortable and convenient location of our furnished apartments, all services and facilities we offer, hospitality of our staff you will have no problems staying in a foreign country and have a good chance to enjoy the beauty of our city.

The rates include following services:

  • accommodation on bed & full board;
  • maid services;
  • bed linens (every 7 days) and towels change (every 3 days);
  • free parking (on- and off- site);
  • round-the-clock information support;
  • providing with iron and ironing board.

Additional services:

  • transportation to/from airports or train station;
  • interpreting / translation services;
  • sightseeing tours;
  • travel tickets reservation;
  • theatre/restaurant reservation;
  • laundry/dry cleaning;
  • washable.

You will probably be unable to find another place, where prices and quality of service are so ideally combined.

Comfort and friendly home atmosphere of lodging and accommodation in our apartments are waiting for you!

Full board accommodation

Good meal is an essential component of comfortable rest, good mood and well-doing.

In our cozy dining room you can enjoy Oriental and European dishes a la homemade. A special attention is to dishes of local (Crimea Tatar) and home cuisine. Individual tables provide a comfortable eating experience listening to relaxing music.

We board three meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

You are served by various dishes for 10 days. Daily diet includes all the necessary products: fish, chicken and beef, fruit and vegetables. Meals are not repeated throughout the 10 days.

You can enjoy breakfast with a selection of teas & coffee, fruit juices, cereals, toast, preserves. Every breakfast, in addition to the main hot dishes it’s always offered butter, jam, homemade pastries (muffin, piece of pie, rolls, etc.).

Lunch consists of the first course, second, salad, and juice. Fruit are also served.

Dinner - main hot dish, salad (appetizer), dessert.

Here are one variant of daily menu  of ten:



1. Cereal (optional: oat, rice, semolina)
2. Scrambled eggs with fried sausages.
3. Vegetable platter.
4. Pastry
5. Bread, butter.
6. Tea (coffee, juice)

1. Ukrainian borscht and pampushka buns with garlic.
2.Chebureki (Crimean Tatar meat pastry) .
4. Bread, juice, fruit.

1. Chicken chop.
2. Garnish – mashed potatoes.
3. Fresh vegetable salad.
4. Dessert.
5. Tea






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