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Rest in Feodosiya

Theodosius - a resort that is open to everyone who wants to relax and have a great time . City are located on the Black Sea coast and has rail links with the cities and towns of the country's closest neighbors. This makes it possible to come here at any time and from any place. And there are many reasons to come .

In Feodosia you arrive literally on the waterfront. As soon as you get out of the car, before you in all its glory will appear Black Sea. It's no wonder more than 25 centuries ago , this area has pleased the Greeks of Miletus , who founded the city , giving it the name of Theodosius , which translated means " God-given ".

Theodosius did not impress you with coolness cliffs and lush vegetation, as it "does" Yalta . But not for nothing Anton Chekhov , who lived here at the time, said that here the sea "miraculous , blue and gentle ", on the banks can live a thousand years and did not wish it. In addition , Theodosia for decades for many generations is a favorite rest and recreation , as well as a great place for families , children and youth recreation.

But the most important thing - the right to organize the trip . Rest in Feodosia inexpensive - roughly the syllables can determine the possibility vacation at this resort. If you want to rent a house to spend a holiday in Feodosiya , the private sector , hotels , guest houses and resorts happy to receive you . And if you want and save a little , spending their holidays in Feodosia , without intermediaries will significantly cheaper. The most inexpensive option - it is the private sector or in the Shore Seaside - resort areas to the east of Theodosia. Prices for accommodation are lower , but less fun .

Come to rest in Feodosia in the season 2016

So begins a new season of vacations , the new season , and what can you expect when planning a holiday in Feodosiya in 2016 ? The resort has not lost its relevance, every year it just more blooms , gets new paint, open comfortable hotels , cozy restaurants , children's cafes and nightclubs . From staying in Feodosia in the next year we can expect only a pleasant and unforgettable moments , a variety of opportunities for improvement to all who want to come to Feodosia .


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