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Гостевой дом Сефа / Holidays in Beregovoye

Holidays in Beregovoye

Beregovoye in Feodosia - this is another resort town, part of the Greater Feodosia. It is believed that the best rest in Beregovoye with children. And for good reason: the healing sea breeze combined with the dry steppe summer days helps to speed acclimatization and rest because the children there will be much simpler and easier, the water is warm, and you can splash around all day on the sandy beach you can build huge castles or also play beach volleyball.

For kids there are a lot of opportunities: an amusement park, children's playground with a variety of slides, rides, rental cars, trampolines, inflatable boats, evening theater performances, a water park in Koktebel, dolphinarium, hotel and entertainment complex - the list is not all, because the rest in Shore Crimea is constantly evolving. So better to come and see what is constantly hearing about how lovely holiday in the Shore Theodosius.

Holidays in Beregovoye  2016 offers new sensations, new travel and entertainment, as well as new opportunities for housing. Open new cafes, bars, night clubs, entertainment centers, hotels, boarding houses. But other than that, improve their services and facilities already operating the resort, so be sure that your stay at the Beregovoye 2016 is quite able to outshine the rest of this year.
By the way, is constantly evolving and private vacation in Beregovoye. Comes a lot of tourists who choose rest primarily in the Shore Theodosius the private sector - is the best option in order to organize a full-fledged family vacation or a friendly in conditions as close to home.


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