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Ищете место отдыха в Крыму? Добро пожаловать в гостевой дом Сефа в Береговом Уютные номера в гостевом домен Сефа, Береговое, Феодосия, Крым

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Гостевой дом Сефа / Housing in the private sector Beregovoye

Housing in the private sector Beregovoye

The village of Beregovoye- a small, but rich resort center, offering many options for housing, recreation and entertainment. Here you can relax with the kids as well as with friends, parents, themselves. In any case, everyone will be able to find exactly Beregovoye, which will remain in my heart. However, in order to rest was to "hurray!" Should take care of it in advance - namely, book your accommodation.

Like any other progressive, developing resort, shore house offers the most diverse: boarding houses, hotels, motels, resorts, guest houses. Choice is great, but many visitors interested in the resort shore of Theodosius the private sector. This small cabins on the Black Sea coast, near the Golden Beach of Feodosiya. .

Many vacationers have quite anticipated the desire - to feel at home, to protect themselves against unwanted noise and the eye, so to speak, then protect your vacation from residential and small problems. And it would seem, then your best bet is a hotel or boarding house, where you can all the care cleaning, cooking, washing lay on the shoulders of staff. But in the village of Beregovoyeprivate sector is developed so that all these problems are solved by homeowners - they offer their services as maintenance personnel, and enjoy your holiday with privacy. In addition, the price of the private sector in the Shore near Feodosia quite acceptable, in order to afford a comfortable stay.


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